Personal Appointment Session


The most effective way to shop is with your personal stylist.

Building a beautiful wardrobe takes planning, time and attention to detail. This is the best way to find what works for your body and lifestyle.

Weather you are perfectly petite, beautifully curvy, or a tall glass of sparkling water, I’d love to help you find outfits that fit and feel fabulous. This takes a little bit of time so I do encourage you to book your personal styling session for only $100  applied to your purchase .

During your personal Styling session we will plan your look’s based on your needs and dream wardrobe desires. This is great because you get the entire shop to yourself and yours truly to transform your appearance!

Styling appointments are available
Monday, and Tuesday
Or If you prefer early morning or after 6PM Evenings that works to. Now let’s invest solely in you
Whoop whoop let’s do this. 

Klutch is a private Styling Boutique please book your appointment ➡️ here and we love to accommodate you accordingly .